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Although it may seem like a fairly common occurrence, divorce is almost never easy. Even if the divorce is one that both partners want and is best for all parties, it involves the death of a dream and a major life change. If the end of a marriage is contested or involves disputes over money or property, it becomes even more difficult. If the relationship involves children and especially if there are issues around child custody, the world might just feel like it’s wobbling on its axis. Going through a divorce may upset everything a person knows to be true, and without the help and support of friends and family, a person can find him or herself in a devastating rut.

We at Christ Church Hillcrest we are committed to help and support people who are going through this ordeal. We intend starting (subject to numbers) the next DivorceCare support group on Sunday, 17 July at 17:00.  This is a 13 week course but you may begin attending it at any point. You do not need to attend in sequence.   Contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to attend.

Below are the topics we will cover each week

o   What’s Happening to Me?

o   The Road to Healing/Finding Help

o   Facing My Anger

o   Facing My Depression

o   Facing My Loneliness

o   What Does the Owner’s Manual Say?

o   New Relationships

o   Financial Survival

o   KidCare

o   Single Sexuality

o   Forgiveness

o   Reconciliation

o   Moving On, Growing Closer to God

Sundays at 17:00, starting on 17 July 2016.   Contact office for more information 031 765 3990

The Marriage Course

Contact the Church Office for bookings – 0317653990

 “The Marriage Course” is intended for everyone, whether you would like to enrich your marriage, are contemplating marriage, are single, separated or divorced. Besides benefiting personally from the course, you may in time be able to help someone strengthen their marriage or work through challenges that they may be facing in respect of marriage.


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