Welcome to Christ Church Hillcrest

Sunday Service

On Sundays, at 09:00 (from January 2018)we come together as a church family, to hear from God, to speak to him and to encourage each other.  This happens in a variety of ways:

We hear from God
as his Word is preached.  Each Sunday, a part of the Bible is read and explained, so that we can get to know God better, as well as his will for our lives.  Our usual practice is to preach through an entire book of the Bible, or a significant portion of it, so that we can get an idea of why it was first written and therefore how it applies to us today, through Christ.

In response to his Word, we speak to God
in prayer.  As his word commands and directs us, we submit ourselves to it, and ask God, by the power of his Holy Spirit, to empower us to live for him.  We also pray for God’s forgiveness of our sins, God’s intervention in world events, his sustaining of the ministries in or church, and we pray for one another, that in all our varying circumstances, Christ would rule us.

We also meet to encourage one another.
We do this by praying for each other, and by singing the great truths of the Scriptures to one another. We also regularly have slots in our services where we try and equip one another to live for Christ, and we spend time – over coffee and eats – talking to each informally about the Bible’s application in each of our lives.

Sunday services are also one of the ways in which we serve the Lord, by serving each other. Some lead the prayers or read from the Bible or preach. Others operate the sound or play music or handout paperwork or tidy up afterwards or pour the tea or look after the babies in the creche. Others teach children in our Children’s Church. It doesn’t matter what we do or when we do it, as long as we do everything for the glory of Christ!