Welcome to Christ Church Hillcrest


CCH is part of a  national church family “The Church of England in South Africa” or CESA.

CCH is also part of “The Evangelical Network” or ENTRUST a regional initiative which seeks to raise up a new generation of gospel workers who will start new ministries in KZN. Through recruiting, apprenticing, training and establishing new ministries, ENTRUST seeks to grow God’s Kingdom, in partnership with like-minded KZN churches.

CCH sends its students for training at George Whitefield College, in Cape Town.

Click below to access an article by
Jomo Mchunu in the GWC News (August 2011), as he reflects on the OCI
Conference in Addis Ababa, held in July 2011.  (ConferenceTheme :
Financial Sustainability and Organisational Change)

Reflections on OCI Conference pg1 

Reflections on OCI Conference pg2