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  • When baptism is sought by parents, it is necessary for them to contact the church administrator who will arrange a once-off meeting with the rector if the parents have not previously attended a baptism class at
  • Baptism is for children and adults who have never been baptized.
  • The baptism of children is intended for the children of committed Christian members of CCH.
  • In the case of committed Christian non-members of CCH, they are eligible for membership after six months of regular church attendance.
  • Inactive members, i.e. those who were regular members, but have stopped attending for more than three months, will have to attend regularly for at least six months before the baptism of their children can be considered.
  • If only one parent is a committed Christian member of CCH, the church would be happy to baptize the children.   However, only the committed parent will stand and make a public commitment.   We are not convinced that it is right and fair to expect an unbelieving parent to make a promise that he/she does not believe in and cannot keep. It is theologically incorrect and sends out the wrong signal to the congregation and unbelievers.
  • We hold the view that child baptism is a public declaration and commitment of parents and the congregation, that together we will bring the children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.   It is with this in mind that we do not do private baptisms.
  • We do not believe that baptism saves children or that they should be baptised within the first three or six months.
  • We do not baptize the children of visiting Christians.
  • We do not baptize children on account of their grandparents.
  • Godparents do not come forward at the baptism, as they make their commitment together with that of the congregation.  This means only parents come forward if they are both believers.

For further information, please contact the office.